Feedback from our raffle winner

We are back from our break and happy to find this great feedback from Brian, the winner of our Performance Line Power Cable:

"I'm immensely enjoying listening to music with the MasterBuilt cable powering my Playback Designs DAC. Simply put, it's staying put. :)
As my wife and I listen to digital sources exclusively, the aforementioned DAC (obviously) is a critical component in our system. I knew it was sensitive to vibration, which I manage with my Box Furniture Co. rack. Evidently the DAC is sensitive to its power cable as well. (I thought my Triode Wire Labs power cable was "good enough". It's not.)
Frankly, I'm amazed. I expected (wanted) to hear little if any discernible difference with the MasterBuilt cable. But it was immediately apparent it was different, and within an hour of power, it was obviously better. Noticeably blacker background. Denser, more satisfying drum thwacks. More 'meat' on the 'bones'. In my wife's words, "There's more there." (Almost as if I had upgraded the DAC. What a relief to think I don't have to. Yet.)
Joe, with a nod to The Monkees, I'm Believer. You and your escorted customers, and of course SFAS members are welcome to visit (Half Moon Bay) and hear what the right cord, in the right place can do. I'm now curious to hear a full set of MasterBuilt power cables in my system as well.

Thanks for confirming what we already know about the MasterBuilt Audio Power Cables - they are unparalleled in terms of impact to your system - even with the entry level Performance Line. Imagine what a Reference Line or Ultra Power Cord would do for your system!

Contact us for an in-home audition as we have demo cables on hand - hurry though as they go quickly.